Susie Loves Anal


This story happened over 35 years ago when I was a horny teenager & Susie was one of my earliest experiences.

Susie was a friend of my sisters from high school & would occasionally come over to our home for a "sleep over." At the time she was very, very, thin with little boobs & skinny legs & butt. There was something about her though, something you couldn't put into words that put a stir in my groin. Every once in a while when she was visiting I would grab her ass or pinch her boobs. Although she resisted, it was in a manner in which she gave me the impression the resistance was not real. At the time nothing came of these flirtations & a short time later we moved & lost contact with Susie.

A few years later I was shopping, & I happened to glance at a saleswoman who had her profile to me, & looked vaguely familiar. She turned & we looked at each other with that thought that each other was familiar, but couldn't exactly match the face with the name. I continued walking when she said; "Hi handsome, how you doing?" I stopped, looked, recognized the voice, but didn't know the face & built. "I'm Susie__ , your sisters friend from when you lived in the big city." I went over to her, gave her a big hug, & we proceeded to catch up on old times. Although we both were going out with others, we exchanged phone numbers with the promise to call & reminisce about old times. As I was walking away I thought to myself, Susie looks 100% better than she did a few years ago. She was still very thin, but had filled out in the boob dept. & her legs & butt were shapely & nicely rounded. And she still was able to put that ever-present feeling in me that she could be a tiger in bed.

We agreed to meet & catch up on old time's sake, so I picked out a bar, which had a secluded area where they had some booths & a pool table. Since I arrived first, I shot a few racks & waited until Susie showed up. Shortly she walked in & I proceeded to check her out a little more closely than before. She had on a tight mini skirt, & a tighter blouse with no evidence of a bra showing through. "Hmm," I thought to myself, what do we have here? We had a few beers & some burgers & caught up on our lives for the past few years. Since she was sitting directly across from me, it allowed me to check out her boobs, which looked pretty good, small but firm. I reached across the table, cupped her face in my hands, & gave her a nice sensuous kiss. At the same time I allowed my hands to rest on her tits & slowly started to caress those nice firm nipples.

Since I didn't meet with any resistance whatsoever, I thought I would try to score a home run. " What do you say we get out of here & go someplace where we can be alone." She looked me right in the eyes & said; "OK, but there will be some restrictions." I agreed just to get her out of there & into my bed, & we left immediately. When we arrived at my apartment, I started to undress her, & made a move to play with her pussy. "Whoa" she said, & brought up our agreement on restrictions to what went on.
"OK," I said, just to get the opportunity to start things rolling, "what are the rules?"

"You can't fuck my pussy, I don't want to even have a remote chance of getting knocked up, & I don't trust rubbers & I can't take the pill." Do you agree to my terms? What the hell I thought, "so what do you want to do I asked her?"

She smiled slyly & slowly started to strip off her clothes. First her blouse, showing off those sexy boobs, but with incredibly large nipples. They stuck out at least 34 of an inch!

Then came the skirt & panties, which showed off her garters & hose, with slim but shapely legs. Susie then turned around & put her hands on my dresser, looked over her shoulder & said; " how do you like my ass?" Since I'm an ass & legman, I surveyed the sight, and gave her my seal of approval.

Long straight legs, hose, & 3" inch high heels, leading to a garter belt forming that great ass. Quite a sight indeed, but I wanted to get started, so I reached for her with the idea of getting this show on the road.

"Not so fast, she said, we have all night to enjoy each other, so why rush." She then kneeled down right in front of me & started to undress me, slowly very slowly. She pulled off my shoes & socks & then pulled my jeans down to my ankles. Out popped my cock, almost hitting her in the face, man I was hard as a rock! I ripped off my shirt & tossed my jeans into the pile of clothes on the floor. She then did something that no other girl had done; she crossed her hands behind her back & looked up at my face & smiled!

Susie then took my cock in her mouth, & started to give me a slow, sexy blowjob, while keeping constant eye contact with me.

Most other girls that I had known would close their eyes & proceed from there, not Susie, she loved eye contact. I was close to coming & Susie could sense the impending explosion.

Instead of pulling away, Susie starting sucking faster & faster, her mouth almost going in circular blur, her tongue moving around my dick in such a wonderful manner. I gently put my hands on her face & started coming in torrents, at least 6 or 7 spurts. Susie didn't pull away, didn't gag, or spit out my come. She slowly, ever so slowly allowed my come to flow into her stomach, all the while maintaing eye contact. This with out a doubt, was the most intense, sensuous, feeling I had experienced in my life. In fact my knees almost buckled in the sheer intensity of the act. "WOW," was all I could think!

"So honey, how did you like that," Susie inquired? I smiled & said, "this could be habit forming"! There is plenty more to come she said, & then stood up, wiped her face & walked into the kitchen. I laid down in the bed & just was relaxing, as I heard Susie rummaging around in the kitchen. "What are you looking for honey," maybe I know where it is? "Be right there, she said, I found what I was looking for."

She then walked into the bedroom with something in her hand, & as I looked closer, it was a can of Crisco? What the hell do you need that for I asked? "You'll see honey," & then gave me a wink of her eye. Now my curiosity is at a high level, when Susie opens up the Crisco, reaches in & takes out a glob in her hand & walks over to the bed. By now I'm almost back to full mast, when she takes the Crisco, & starts to rub it into & around my dick. She then walks over to the dresser, looks over her shoulder & proceeds to rub the remainder of the Crisco into her asshole! "Come over here" she said, "I have a nice surprise for you." Susie leaned over the dresser, spread her legs slightly, looked at me in the mirror & said; "Fuck me in my ass"!

My eyes must have bulged out of my skull, because she laughed & said; " I come much quicker & better this way, & I don't have to worry about getting pregnant." I had tried fucking my girlfriends in the ass before, & none of them had expressed any pleasure in the act. This was definitely not the case with Susie, as I was about to find out. As I scooted behind her, she started swaying her ass in a slow circular motion, rubbing her pussy at the same time.

"Come on, lets get going," she said, "put that cock in my ass & start fucking me." I lifted her ass slightly, & then put the head of my cock at the entrance of her beautiful, round ass & pushed in slowly. "Ahhh," she groaned, "that's more like it," & pushed back with her ass so that the rest of my cock went up her ass, right to the hilt. To describe the feeling as exquisite would be less than accurate, it was fantastic.

She did a little circular motion with her ass that added to the pleasure, sort of like a "hula hoop," with my dick in the middle. I must have lasted all of 15 seconds with all this going on, & I grabbed her hips & pushed in my cock right to the hilt. Susie could sense I was coming so she started moving that ass like a pinwheel in a hurricane. "Fuck my ass, Oh please fuck my ass with your hard cock, Oh please, Oh please, & she started coming right along with me. As I started spurting into her ass, that put her right over the top & she shuddered, moaned, & almost collapsed. Susie & I just fell onto the bed, not saying a word, just enjoying the moment.

Anybody that could suck & fuck like that had to "educated" somewhere, & with someone who knew what they were doing! No matter how many times I asked, she would never divulge anything about her past, only saying, " Enjoy it while you can, & stop being so inquisitive"!!! With the exception of this hot, thoroughly satisfying sex, we really had little else in common, so it lasted only a few glorious months.

On another occasion I visited her at her parents home, just before her mom was going off to work. Susie had on one of those summer type light dresses on, light material with thin straps, & just about covering her pussy. She was leaning against the counter & when her mom turned her back, Susie lifted her dress & showed me her shaved wet pussy. I almost choked I my coffee, & had to cross my legs so her mom wouldn't spot my hardon. "Oh Mom," Susie said; "how about if I make some cookies for you & dad today?

"That would be wonderful Susie," you know that your Dad & I really like your chocolate chip cookies! "OK Mom, lets see if we have all the right ingredients" & reached into the kitchen cabinet. As she was rummaging around, she glanced over at me, smiled, & pulled out a large, super size container of "CRISCO."

"Oh yes, Susie said, we have just the right ingredients," as she gave me a sly wink. "This will do just fine"!!

Maybe I'll finish that story & submit it to Literotica at a later date. Susie & I stopped seeing each other after that summer, but she holds a special place in my heart & I do miss her dearly. Especially when I'm in the grocery store, & I see that area that contains the Crisco!!!

by naughtynurse55

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